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An air conditioner with low air flow affects more than just your home comfort. It can lower your indoor air quality and raise monthly energy bills as well. 

Learn to identify and troubleshoot problems causing low air flow in your home. Follow this guide provided by Oakland Park’s trusted AC repair company, Cool By Design Air Conditioning Experts, and restore comfort in your home again.

1. Clogged Air Filters

Air filters play an important role in indoor air quality, as well as the overall performance of your AC system. Having clogged or dirty air filters can restrict the passage of air from your system, resulting in a number of issues, including lower-than-normal airflow. 

If you notice that your air conditioner has low air flow, turn off your AC system and check your air filters. Most filters need replacing once a month, depending on the level of use. We recommend checking your air filters regularly, then cleaning or replacing them as necessary.  

2. Blocked Ducts

A leak or blockage in your duct system can contribute to airflow issues in your home and reduce the amount of cool air that reaches your separate living spaces. Several factors can create a blockage in your ductwork including dust, debris, and even household pests. 

To troubleshoot these issues, first ensure that your return vents do not have obstructions blocking the flow of returned air. Household furnishings like indoor plants and furniture can block vents and lead to poor airflow. 

Next, check your ductwork and see if your ducts have become blocked or dirty. Call a professional to clear blockages or fix any holes or leaks in your ducts.   

3. Malfunctioning Blower Motor

Your AC system’s air handler contains a blower motor which is responsible for circulating all the air within your home. You may notice your air conditioner has low air flow or no airflow at all if your AC blower has a problem.

To troubleshoot issues with your blower motor, turn off the AC system and locate your indoor air handler. If the blower motor fan has become dirty, try cleaning it to allow the fan blades to move more freely. If the issue persists after cleaning the blower fan, call an HVAC professional to inspect your system and determine if you have another issue causing low air flow.    

4. Refrigerant Leak

Without refrigerant, your AC system has no way to cool the air in your home. Refrigerant leaks or low levels of refrigerant can present a few air conditioner issues, including low air flow. Signs that indicate a refrigerant leak usually include warm air coming from your system or leaking vents due to frozen evaporator coils. 

If your vents drip water, turn off your AC system and allow frozen evaporator coils to thaw on their own. Troubleshooting a refrigerant leak requires the professional help of a technician to inspect your AC system’s condenser. Service experts can repair problems such as poorly insulated supply lines and recharge the refrigerant in your system as necessary.   

5. Air Handler Issues

Your air conditioner may have low air flow due to a problem with your system’s air handler. Air handlers help regulate indoor temperatures and humidity levels by distributing the right amount of cool air throughout your home. Along with weak airflow, problems with your air handler can increase monthly energy bills as your AC system struggles to cool your home properly. 

You can troubleshoot issues with your air handler by inspecting it for signs of wear. This includes cracked drain pans, dirty evaporator coils, or aging blower fans. For the best results, contact a professional HVAC company to inspect and maintain your system’s air handler when necessary.

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