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Air Duct Sealing

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Maintaining an efficient and effective HVAC system relies on the condition of your air ducts. Ductwork can rip, develop holes, and fall away from vents or other ducts over time. With professional air duct sealing in Plantation, FL, Cool By Design keeps your home at the right temperature. Our professionals do everything from new HVAC unit installation to the care and maintenance of air conditioners in Oakland Park.

How Do You Know if You Need Air Duct Sealing?

Many homeowners first become aware of an HVAC problem when they notice a gradual decline in indoor air quality or a slight increase in their energy bill. If you request service for your HVAC unit but continue to have these problems, you may have leaky ducts draining your resources. Air duct leakage causes homes to lose as much as 20% of their conditioned air, making your home uncomfortable and your utility payments painful.

Signs of a leaky air duct may include:

  • Uneven air distribution
  • Difficulty keeping a comfortable temperature
  • Excessive dust, dirt, or other contaminants 
  • Rattling, popping, or banging sounds 

What Causes Leaky Air Ducts?

The construction of residential air ducts varies from flexible insulated tubes to rigid, metallic tunnels. When air ducts split to vent to different rooms, the ductwork relies on joints and connectors to adequately move air around. These spots create vulnerabilities in your ductwork that may shift up, down, or side to side over time.

With Cool By Design’s professional air duct sealing in Plantation, FL, your ductwork’s weak spots will no longer leak air into the space around them. Our experienced HVAC specialists use industry-standard equipment and materials to identify and repair leaky ducts. From patchwork to partial replacements, we’ll ensure that your home receives every ounce of air from your HVAC unit.

Benefits of Air Duct Sealing with Cool By Design

When you work with Plantation’s best heating and air conditioning experts, you’ll enjoy the benefits of true professionals with experience repairing and maintaining air ducts.

Quality Workmanship

Sealing the ductwork in your home requires patience, care, and the best materials. The HVAC technicians at Cool By Design take their time to ensure they address every gap, crack, and potential air leak before they call the job done.

Your Home, Your Sanctuary

We know that you take care of your home and want others to care for it, too. When Cool By Design technicians come to seal your ductwork, they treat your home with respect, cleaning up as they go and ensuring they leave your home the way they found it.

We Care About Your Air

Indoor air quality affects your health, mood, and energy levels. Cool By Design HVAC specialists ensure that they seal every crack they find so you can enjoy the best quality air possible.

Seal Your Ductwork Properly with Cool By Design

Do you need AC compressor replacement service? We can help with that, too!

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Get a heat pump repair and stop worrying about whether your unit can adequately cool or heat your home.

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