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Blower Door Testing

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Blower door tests are your first step toward creating a more energy-efficient home. Call 954-900-1098 to locate heat leaks.

Every home allows air to move in and out. However, outside air sometimes trickles in through unplanned avenues. This leads to drafts, heat leaks, and humidity problems. Blower door testing can help you identify and resolve these issues. 

If you’re looking for blower door testing in Plantation, FL, turn to the experts at Cool By Design. We perform home assessment inspections, professional AC installation, and much more. Call 954-900-1098 to schedule an appointment today.

What Is Blower Door Testing, and Why Do I Need It?

Plenty of homeowners are familiar with the need for service calls and maintenance. However, not as many are familiar with blower door testing. This test is fairly routine, but many people are completely unfamiliar with it.

Blower door testing involves depressurizing your home and checking various rooms for air leaks. Because these tests aren’t an everyday occurrence, many people believe that they’re not necessary. On the contrary, this service is a valuable first step toward improving heat regulation and energy efficiency. 

Our technicians have specialized tools and skills that enable them to locate chinks in your home’s defenses. Once we know where the problem lies, our technicians can perform necessary updates, repairs, and tweaks. These improvements make your home more efficient than ever!

Benefits of a Blower Door Test

Leaks and drafts create ventilation issues throughout your home. Blower door tests are the first step toward reducing heat loss and improving your home’s energy efficiency. While they won’t necessarily solve your problems, they can show you where to focus your efforts.

Using these tests can help you:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Improve HVAC efficiency
  • Lessen humidity and moisture 
  • Reduce drafts
  • Get more even heating and cooling

In addition, these tests provide valuable information about your home. You can refer to the results as you prepare to make necessary improvements. Contact Cool By Design to schedule blower door testing in Plantation, FL.

How a Blower Door Test Works

Many people balk at the idea of having their homes depressurized. However, blower door tests are quite safe, and they don’t cause any damage. 

During a blower door test, our technicians will ask you to evacuate your home for a few hours. Next, they close all the doors, windows, and vents to make the building as air-tight as possible.

Equipment and Process

The real star of the show is the blower fan (also known as an infiltrometer). Technicians place this specialized fan in your doorway and seal up the space around it. This fan generates powerful suction, which pulls excess air from your home and creates a low-pressure environment.

Technicians then use gauges to test pressure differences in various rooms. If your home has air leaks, some rooms will be more pressurized than others. They can then narrow down specific problem areas and mark them for repair.

Along the way, they’ll also calculate your total home air-leakage rate. This is measured in cubic feet of air per minute, and it refers to the air changes per hour within your home.

How to Prepare Your Home for Blower Door Testing

Blower door testing in Plantation, FL, is a valuable service. Best of all, it’s fairly hassle-free for homeowners. Technicians will handle all the heavy lifting, but there are a few things you can do to make the process faster and easier for everyone.

For the best experience, follow the list below:

  • Clean out wood fireplaces and dispose of the ashes.
  • Prepare to leave your home for two to four hours. Take your pets and children with you!
  • Gather your essentials ahead of time.
  • Point out potential problem areas to technicians so they know where to begin their search.
  • Unlock and open all your rooms, closets, and cabinets. 
  • Turn off appliances and household utilities before the test begins.
  • Provide technicians with house keys and system access codes.

With just a little prep work, you can make your next blower door test completely painless. By the end of the day, you’ll be back home, and the technicians can share everything they discovered. 

Schedule Blower Door Testing in Plantation, FL

Blower door testing is a process that requires specific tools and training. At Cool By Design, our technicians are highly-skilled and can make this a stress-free procedure.

Contact us for home performance assessments, furnace installation, AC maintenance, and more. Call 954-900-1098 to schedule a blower door test today.