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Can AC Units Overheat? What You Should Know

can ac units overheat

The summer heat in Florida often forces air conditioners to work constantly at maintaining the internal temperature settings. But can AC units overheat without timely intervention?

Here’s more about why this happens from the expert at Cool By Design Inc, Oakland Park’s trusted AC repair technicians. 

Can AC Units Overheat?

Yes, air conditioners can overheat if they run too long or run inefficiently. The Sunshine State’s hot outdoor temperatures, coupled with the heat generated by hard-working mechanics, could create the perfect conditions for overheating. Thankfully, there are solutions.

For example, you might be able to avoid this situation by moving your thermostat to a higher temperature setting. You can also prevent overheating by scheduling annual tune-up services and employing regular maintenance practices. Tune-ups should occur each spring before temperatures rise uncomfortably high to give you plenty of time to address any repairs, monitor the condition of your unit, and circumvent future complications.

Indicators of Overheating

Is your air conditioner overheating? If it is, your unit will often show clear signs that it is developing a problem. If you notice the following issues, call a skilled technician immediately for troubleshooting and repair services:

  • Your electric bill increases noticeably. When air conditioners have to work harder to maintain a temperature setting, your system’s power usage will reflect that extra effort. 
  • Your home doesn’t cool off as quickly. Most cycles should only take about 10 to 20 minutes to cool your home effectively.
  • Your unit makes odd noises. Do you hear hissing, buzzing, or grinding? These sounds indicate that certain components aren’t working together in harmony. 
  • Your outside unit has an icy coating. Refrigerant leaks may be responsible for this issue. 
  • Your house feels warm and humid whether your air conditioner cycles or not. An HVAC system should remove excess moisture and heat, replacing it with cool, crisp air. If not, you will need to call for repairs.

#1 Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant works as a coolant for your air conditioner. However, low refrigerant levels prevent your system from cycling warm air outside and bringing cool air inside. The extra work could also overheat your unit, as it works continuously to achieve the right temperature setting according to what’s on your thermostat. 

It should stop when the thermostat signals the appropriate temperature. But a leak prevents your air conditioner from reaching optimal temperature settings, which forces the unit to overwork.

#2 Faulty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils trap the heat cycling through your system and release it outside. Your condenser coils should remain clean and dry for optimal performance, but they do attract dirt, dust, and debris over time. They can also freeze over when other components don’t work properly. 

Check your coils for ice or dirt. Is there buildup? Call an HVAC technician like Cool By Design Inc.

#3 Old Air Filters

Can AC units overheat because of dirty air filters? Yes, especially when you forget to change the air filters every three to four months. An old or dirty air filter can cause major problems for your air conditioning unit as it gets caked with particles and uses more energy to circulate air. 

Check, clean, and change your air filters regularly for clean indoor air and a healthy HVAC system.  

#4 Dirty Fan Blades

The fan blades on your cooling unit are in constant motion throughout its cycle and pick up dust due to their outdoor location or air movement. The buildup weighs down the fan blades and enters the system’s main components. Heavy fan blades add extra strain to the system, and dust buildup also interrupts important motor functions, which diminishes your system’s power. 

Inspect your fan blades occasionally and clean them when necessary to avoid this common issue. 

#5 Outdated System

Most air conditioning systems last between 10 to 15 years. However, in Florida’s hot climate, these units could have shorter lifespans if they lack proper maintenance and prompt repair services. Any outdated or struggling air conditioning systems won’t function well, which will mean higher energy costs and insufficient cooling.

Is your Florida air conditioner nearing the end of its useful life? It could overheat more easily if it comes under strain. If so, a new system offers a more cost-effective approach to avoid frequent repairs and expensive part replacements.

Entrust Your Florida Air Conditioner to Cool By Design Inc

Can AC units overheat if you invest in timely repairs and regular maintenance? The likelihood of issues like air compressor replacement certainly decreases. Don’t worry; you can trust our skilled HVAC technicians to solve all your air conditioning problems!

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