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What Causes Indoor Air Pollution: A Homeowner’s Guide

what causes indoor air pollution

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution: A Homeowner’s Guide When you come home after a long day at work, the last thing you think about is contaminants that could be circulating throughout the building. Unfortunately, most houses harbor indoor sources of pollutants that negatively impact health, but what causes indoor air pollution in an otherwise clean […]

Can AC Units Overheat? What You Should Know

can ac units overheat

Can AC Units Overheat? What You Should Know The summer heat in Florida often forces air conditioners to work constantly at maintaining the internal temperature settings. But can AC units overheat without timely intervention? Here’s more about why this happens from the expert at Cool By Design Inc, Oakland Park’s trusted AC repair technicians.  Can […]

Four Signs of Poor Ventilation in Your House to Watch Out For

signs of poor ventilation in house

Your HVAC system includes everything from your furnace and air conditioning units to the vents and ductwork throughout your home. So if one of the pieces of the system starts to fail, it affects all of the other components, leaving you with poor indoor air quality and the problems that go with it. At Cool […]

What Is an AC Air Handler and How Does It Work?

what is an ac air handler

Many people confuse an air handler with an air conditioner. While an air handler may be part of your air conditioning system, it’s only one component; however, the air handler plays an essential role in cooling your home. At Cool By Design, we’re your number one choice for Oakland Park’s AC repair services. Our experienced technicians […]

How Does an ERV System Work to Improve Indoor Air Quality

how does an erv system work

When you think about your home’s air conditioning system, the level of indoor air quality might not always come to mind. Oakland Park’s ERV system installation technicians with Cool By Design have helped customers reap the rewards of cleaner air for their homes while lowering their monthly electric bills.  How does an ERV system work […]

Air Conditioner with Low Air Flow: Troubleshooting Guide

air conditioner low air flow

An air conditioner with low air flow affects more than just your home comfort. It can lower your indoor air quality and raise monthly energy bills as well.  Learn to identify and troubleshoot problems causing low air flow in your home. Follow this guide provided by Oakland Park’s trusted AC repair company, Cool By Design […]

What To Do if You Smell Gas From Your Furnace

what to do if you smell gas from your furnace

Gas furnaces are a popular and affordable home heating solution. However, these units come with dangers like gas leaks, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or explosive fires. Knowing what to do if you smell gas from your furnace is vital to protect yourself, your family, and your home. This article discusses normal gas […]

What to Do When Furnace Goes Out in Winter

what to do when furnace goes out in winter

Losing heat during the winter can be frustrating and uncomfortable, but fortunately, you can do a few things to maintain warmth and prevent costly repairs. This article covers what to do when your furnace goes out in winter and the steps you can take to prevent the issue from happening in the future. As Oakland […]

9 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Working

furnace not working

No matter where you live, a functional heating system is essential for comfort during chilly winter weather. A furnace not working is a frustrating and potentially dangerous issue, so you need a prompt diagnosis and repair. That’s why we’re here to explain several common reasons why furnaces fail. With this knowledge, you’ll know when to […]

Five Types of Home Heating Systems You Should Consider

types of home heating

When the weather gets cooler, homeowners want to know that their home’s heater will keep them and their families warm. If you plan to purchase a new heating system or upgrade your old one, learning about the different types of home heating will help you make the best choice for your house. See the different […]