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Duct Leakage Testing

Trustworthy Duct Leakage Testing in Plantation, FL

Don’t let your duct leaks drain your wallet any longer; call Cool By Design for quick and affordable solutions!

A property’s duct system delivers seasonally comfortable air throughout your house. But did you know that simple duct leak testing services can prevent your entire system from malfunctioning? 

Why not consider scheduling convenient duct leakage testing in Plantation, FL, by Cool By Design? We’re experts at everything from installing AC air filtration systems to offering effective duct cleaning services.

What is Duct Leakage Testing?

Building codes require duct testing whenever you are going to install a new HVAC system. However, this service can also be useful for finding leaks that are hurting your system’s efficiency. 

Our technician tests the ability of the ducts to hold air by testing the pressure. The more air leakage they detect, the less compliant the ducts are with Florida’s strict codes and industry standards.

Signs You Need Duct Leakage Testing

How do you know you need duct leakage testing? Look for the following signs:

Spiking Utility Bills

Leaky air ducts can lose substantial amounts of controlled air long before it reaches your vents. Have you noticed unusually high energy bills recently? Consider scheduling a duct leakage test to pinpoint whether the issue resides in your ductwork. 

Rest assured, any money you spend on an inspection is worth what you’ll save on reduced utility expenses in the future!

Inefficient Heating and Cooling

Is your air conditioner or furnace underperforming? Are rooms feeling warmer or colder than the thermostat setting? If your rooms have inconsistent temperatures or can’t provide the level of comfort you desire, Cool By Design’s duct leakage testing is for you.

Poorly Located Ducts

If your system has ducts in the attic, garage, or crawl spaces, it likely received a leakage test during construction. If you believe there’s air leaking or your conditioned spaces aren’t as comfortable, testing should reveal any problems.

Visible Damage

Is there visible ductwork damage, such as holes, tears, or crinkles? A leakage test can confirm how it might be affecting your airflow.

Choose Cool By Design for Duct Leakage Testing in Florida

Why is Cool By Design your best choice for duct leakage testing in Plantation, FL?

Tailored Solutions

We may be air conditioner specialists, but that’s only the beginning. Comfort doesn’t rely on your air conditioner alone. Our team always thinks outside the box about unique solutions that can keep your entire HVAC system working at its full potential.

Great Reliability

When you work with us, we make the following promises:

  • We’re never late.
  • We communicate clearly.
  • We don’t just fix it to forget it; we confirm our repairs last.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re not happy if you’re not happy. And our 100% satisfaction guarantee and easy booking and feedback channels online make the entire process stress-free.

What Does the Duct Leakage Testing Process Involve?

When you work with Cool by Design, we’ll proceed as follows:

Time the Requirements For Your Needs

When do you need us to test your ducts? For example, building codes typically require a duct leakage test when part of the HVAC system is outside. This includes unfinished attics, garages, and crawl spaces. 

If this applies to your situation, our technician will perform the test after rough-in (before the drywall goes up) or after construction as needed.

Streamline The Process For The Best Results

An HVAC contractor might use testing to construct systems appropriately, provide proper sealing, and minimize the type of joints most vulnerable to leaks. They’ll do the same when conducting repairs.

Duct leakage testing works as follows:

  • Eligibility. We determine how testing duct systems will work based on the location of your ductwork.
  • Seal openings. To gain an accurate reading of your system’s pressure, we seal off all vents and other openings with sealant and plastic. This process can take some time as we require a perfect seal.
  • Run fan. We run your system’s fan to depressurize your ducts and measure the air running through your system in cubic feet per minute.
  • Analyze measurement. We use a mathematical formula to calculate the leakage. The target is 0.1 inches wg or less. If the reading is higher, your ducts will need some professional attention.

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When you need duct leakage testing in Plantation, FL, you’ll find no better choice than Cool By Design. We’re a choice HVAC specialist for everything from dehumidifier installation to mini-split maintenance.

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