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Ductwork Repair

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Many homeowners replace their furnace and air conditioner every ten years but neglect the ductwork that carries climate-controlled air to the rooms of their homes. The Cool By Design Air Conditioning experts have seen countless homes in which the furnace and AC are new, but the ductwork is in desperate need of cleaning.

When was the last time you had your ducts cleaned? Our staff is ready to clean your ducts thoroughly and help you keep them clean in the future. Check our website for coupons, our latest prices on ductwork repair in Plantation, FL, to meet our team of furnace repair technicians, and more.

Understanding Your Ductwork

The ductwork in residential buildings typically consists of sheet metal, either galvanized steel or aluminum, and flexible ducts made of a polymer like vinyl. Ductwork resists rust and corrosion, so it can last in homes for decades.

However, there are several reasons your ductwork could degrade over time and even develop a duct leak. These include:

  • Animals nesting near your ductwork
  • Mold growth or dust accumulation
  • Physical damage due to accidental impacts
  • Rust in cases of flooding or prolonged humidity

If your ductwork becomes compromised, your heating and cooling bills could increase, and your air quality could drop. Take action today to get the most out of your HVAC system by protecting and renewing your ductwork.

How To Tell If Your Ductwork Needs Repair

Diagnosing a problem with ductwork is not always easy. Sometimes the signs of failing ductwork can resemble a coolant leak or clogged filters. If you have any doubts whether your heating and air conditioning problems result from aging or damaged ductwork, call a professional technician.

Some signs of problems with your ductwork include:

  • A musty odor coming from the supply vents
  • New or worsening allergies or respiratory issues
  • Some rooms of your house feeling stuffy, too hot, or too cold
  • Drafts in your basement or crawl space where ducts could be leaking
  • Increased energy bills as the air conditioner works harder to compensate for bad ducts

Duct obstructions and duct leakage can get worse over time. Don’t get caught without heating or cooling due to ductwork failure. As you prepare for the summer or winter, check your ducts for any signs of damage.

Trust the Cool By Design Air Conditioning Experts To Clean Your Ducts Right

Our dedicated team of air conditioning repair professionals knows that your air conditioning won’t be able to keep you cool and comfortable unless every part of your system is working perfectly. Our courteous service technicians have years of experience with duct repair and duct installation.

You can count on the Cool By Design Air Conditioning Experts to provide a comprehensive inspection of your AC system and a fair estimate. Call (954)-900-1098 for a consultation or to ask questions about ductwork repair in Plantation, FL. Schedule a professional duct cleaning today.

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