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Have you noticed increasing energy bills? Is your air conditioner having trouble keeping up with the harsh Florida summer? Consider the benefits of hiring a home energy consultant in Plantation, FL.

Cool By Design performs accurate and reliable energy audits so you can discover where to improve your home and save money. Whether you need a consultation or ERV system installation in Oakland Park, FL, and the surrounding areas, don’t waste time. Contact us to schedule your consultation and start saving energy today.

What Is an Energy Audit?

Our Cool By Design consultants perform energy audits, which is a method of determining how your house uses energy and where you can improve its efficiency. If you’re installing solar panels, you’ll need an audit when you begin the process, but a consultation can help every homeowner.

The Benefits of an Energy Consultation

When you schedule a visit from a home energy consultant in Plantation, FL, you gain the following benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency: An energy audit is an investment that usually pays off in one to three years. Because it identifies ways to reduce energy usage, many homes see their utility bills drop by up to 50% when they act on the audit’s findings.
  • Solar panel capability: Florida requires energy evaluations before installing solar panels. When you hire an energy consultant, you can use the results as a basis for pursuing solar panel installation.
  • Tax benefits: Florida provides tax credits and incentives for energy audits, and some homeowners may receive up to $3,000 in rebates.

What Does the Consultation Look Like?

When you schedule a consultation with Cool By Design, we use the following six-step process.

1. Interview

We run through a series of questions designed to identify potential problems in your home. Questions include the following and more:

  • Do you leave lights on in empty rooms?
  • Is anyone home during work hours?
  • How many people live here?
  • Do you use every room?
  • How do you set your thermostat during the summer and winter?
  • What are your energy use goals?
  • Are you planning on expanding or renovating your home?

2. Exterior Lights

We inspect the orientation of your home and shading from plants or other buildings, which affect how much sun and wind enter your house. 

We also look for proper air sealing and identify places where good air can escape and bad air can enter. The most common problem areas include doors, windows and skylights, roofing and chimneys, attics, siding, and HVAC devices.

3. Interior Inspection

We systematically inspect the following areas inside your home:

  • Basement: We determine whether the age of your appliances, such as the washer, dryer, furnace, and water heater, are affecting your energy use. We also confirm the floor, walls, foundation, windows, and doors aren’t problematic.
  • Main floor: We verify your thermostat is working and calibrated correctly, as it’s a huge determiner of how efficiently your HVAC system runs. We also inspect your seals, glazing, weather stripping, and the locking mechanisms on your windows and doors.
  • Upper levels: Your attic is one of the most vulnerable places for energy loss, so we inspect its insulation and ventilation ducts. If you have livable upper floors, we also check the lighting fixtures, fans, and ceiling.

4. Testing

We use special equipment to run the following tests in your home:

  • Blower door test: Our technicians install a special door that blows the air out of your home to depressurize it. Monitoring devices then measure how much air enters through the unsealed portions of your home. The test also determines the quality of your indoor air.
  • Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) Test: This infrared camera produces a thermal picture of your home, identifying areas that need improved insulation or require sealing.

5. Reporting

We generate a report that outlines ways you can improve your efficiency, including new insulation, increased sealing, repairs to your roof or structure, and appliances that need replacement or fixes.

6. Implementation

If you’ve enjoyed working with Cool By Design, you can hire us to make any necessary repairs or improvements to your HVAC system. We maintain relationships with contractors to help you find the best people to fix your roof or other services we don’t offer.

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As the best home energy consultant in Plantation, FL, Cool By Design can identify ways for you to save money. Whether you need dehumidifier installation or a more efficient smart thermostat, we can help. Call 954-710-5719 to book an appointment today.

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