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When you think about your home’s air conditioning system, the level of indoor air quality might not always come to mind. Oakland Park’s ERV system installation technicians with Cool By Design have helped customers reap the rewards of cleaner air for their homes while lowering their monthly electric bills. 

How does an ERV system work to improve your indoor air quality? Read on below to find out more.  

What is an ERV System?

An ERV air exchanger, or ERV ventilation system, works with your current HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) to improve the circulation of fresh air inside your home. Installing an ERV does not require extensive work to your home, and technicians will often place units in your attic. 

ERVs require minimal maintenance once installed. Integration with your existing ductwork allows the ERV system to provide seamless air exchange throughout your home. The unique ventilation process of the ERV system not only improves your indoor air quality but also increases your HVAC system’s energy efficiency, effectively lowering your monthly energy bill.

How Does an ERV System Work?

Many people wonder how ERV systems work to provide better energy efficiency and raise indoor air quality within their homes. An ERV system archives this by using two separate fans to create a seamless exchange of air in and out of your home. The first fan pulls fresh air into your home while the second fan pushes stale air out.

To regulate the temperature of incoming air, the ERV system relies on a heat exchanger. As the two air streams pass one another, the heat exchanger transfers nearly 99% of the outgoing air’s heat energy into the stream of fresh air entering your home. By passing heat and moisture between the two air streams, the air within your home remains fresh and at a consistent temperature.       

Benefits of Installing an ERV System

1. Reduces Airborne Contaminants 

By now, you may realize some of the benefits an ERV can provide for your home, but how exactly does an ERV system work to improve indoor air quality? 

Without proper circulation, stale air inside your home collects airborne contaminants such as dust particles and allergens. ERV systems push stale air out of your home and carry these contaminated particles with them.  

Moreover, ERV systems filter outdoor air before it enters your home. These filters capture pollutants like pollen and dust which have the potential to contaminate your indoor air. By ventilating your home, filtering incoming air, and circulating fresh air, the ERV system continually works to improve your indoor air quality. 

2. Removes Germs and Viruses

Reducing the number of germs, allergens, and other common household pathogens inside your home has a huge impact on the air you breathe. This results in a number of advantages including better symptoms for your health. 

Breathing fresh indoor air has proven to provide better sleep for homeowners as well as increasing their concentration levels during waking hours. ERV systems also reduce symptoms for those prone to allergies by ventilating pollen and allergens from your indoor air. For homes with pets, improved air circulation flushes out pet dander and provides cleaner air while eliminating bad odors. 

ERV systems also eliminate viral molecules from your home. As a result, homeowners suffer fewer respiratory issues, especially during cold seasons when we spend more time indoors. 

3. Lowers Humidity 

The ERV system relies on its heat exchanger to regulate humidity levels in your home. Along with heat energy, moisture transfers between the incoming and outgoing air as it passes through the ERV system. By balancing the moisture contained in the two separate air streams, your home retains relative levels of humidity in the dry winter months as well as the more humid summer months. 

ERVs can lower humidity levels by 30-50%, keeping your home comfortable and decreasing mold and mildew growth over time. A nightmare for homeowners, mold and mildew can cause significant damage to interior household structures as well as raise health concerns. 

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Cool By Design provides the #1 AC air filtration system services in Oakland Park, FL, and has served the local community for over 15 years. For help with HVAC maintenance or to request installation for an ERV system, get in touch with our 5-star customer service team for more information.   

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