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Thermal Imaging Inspections

Reliable Thermal Imaging Inspections in Plantation, FL

Our customers say we’re the best at detecting invisible problems with your heating and cooling systems. Find out for yourself when you call Cool By Design today!

Many heating and cooling problems in a home remain undetected until it’s too late because they start behind walls or under floors. Luckily, thermal imaging is a quick and easy way to detect these invisible dangers.

When you need thermal imaging inspections in Plantation, FL, for home performance assessments or solutions to common problems, Cool By Design is here to help!

What is Thermal Imaging Inspection?

Home inspectors, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC specialists leverage thermal imaging to detect aberrant heat signatures within hidden areas. The infrared camera can find hot or cold spots, which makes it easy to locate and diagnose almost all types of problems that plague HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.

What Can Thermal Imaging Detect?

Our customers are always pleased to learn that thermal imaging inspections detect a wide variety of issues.

Structural Issues

Thermal imaging finds cracks, fissures, and crumbling in your foundation, walls, or roof. When we catch these issues early, we can often repair them rather than installing a costly replacement.

Electrical Problems

Thermal imaging can detect electrical issues such as:

  • Malfunctioning circuit breakers
  • Electrical faults
  • Overheated electrical components and more

Plumbing Issues

What’s the simplest way to detect plumbing leaks in your pipes or water heater? Thermal imaging technology detects standing water and finds blockages. And with a thermal imaging camera, there are no invasive diagnostic techniques, like poking holes in a wall.

HVAC Quality

Have you just had HVAC repairs or installation? A thermal inspection can verify the quality of the work. If another technician doesn’t properly install or repair something, we can find the problem fast.

Efficiency Issues

Is the home’s insulation sufficient? Thermal inspection can detect areas in your walls, roof, and windows where air slips past your insulation’s defenses to cool or heat your home more. Shoring up these areas will also save money on your energy bills long term.

Pests and Moisture

Water and moisture wreak havoc on a property. By finding leaks, water damage, and pooling water, our inspector can help you prevent mold and potentially serious health concerns. Thermal inspections also detect pest infestations for the early eradication of things like termites that destroy wood and cause many other structural issues.

Why Choose Cool By Design for Thermal Imaging Inspections?

Cool By Design is your best choice for thermal imaging inspections in Plantation, FL, for the following reasons:

Unique Solutions

We think outside the box. Our well-trained technicians don’t just find problems with thermal imaging; they devise creative solutions for your air conditioner. The comfort of your home relies on a complex network of appliances and infrastructure to keep it all functioning properly, and we can help.

Reliable Professionals

We value your time; you don’t want to spend it waiting around for us!

  • We show up on time.
  • We keep clear lines of communication.
  • We stand by our repairs.
  • We confirm the exact issues we fix before we leave.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And using accessible online tools, we provide you with a seamless and stress-free process, from booking to project completion.

Other Benefits of Scheduling Thermal Imaging Inspections

Why should you schedule a thermal imaging inspection? You’ll realize several benefits from this cutting-edge service.

Prevent More Severe Problems

Unresolved heating or cooling problems in the hidden areas of your home worsen quickly. Thermal imaging can find issues early so that our team can prevent widespread damage and mitigate health concerns.

Get a Quick Diagnosis

Thermal imaging typically takes two to three hours. It’s a fast and non-invasive way to detect problems, which ends up saving you time and money.

Avoid Energy Loss

With infrared technology, we can find weak points in your insulation and windows. That way, you can bolster your home’s insulation to keep your energy bills low and your comfort levels high.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

You can rest easy knowing your home is energy efficient and your cooling systems are working as they should. Knowing is half the battle, and infrared inspections can get you there.

Contact Cool By Design for Thermal Imaging Inspections in Florida

Do you need thermal imaging inspections in Plantation, FL, to generate a home inspection report or ensure your HVAC system is working correctly? We can help.

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