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Many people confuse an air handler with an air conditioner. While an air handler may be part of your air conditioning system, it’s only one component; however, the air handler plays an essential role in cooling your home.

At Cool By Design, we’re your number one choice for Oakland Park’s AC repair services. Our experienced technicians know the ins and outs of your entire HVAC system and how to install, repair, and maintain your air conditioner and air handler. If you’re confused about its function and wondering, “What is an AC air handler?” we’ve got the answer to your question. 

What Is an AC Air Handler?

The air handler in your AC system is responsible for circulating cool air through your home. It works by pulling warm air into the unit through intake vents, where the cooling system chills it, and the air handler sends it into your home. 

The air handler is part of your indoor air conditioner unit and contains a blower, controls, and the evaporator coil. It connects to the outdoor AC unit through refrigerant lines. You’ll find air handlers as a part of air conditioning systems, heat pumps, and furnaces. 

How an AC Air Handler Works

Air handlers help regulate the temperature and circulation of the air in your home. When your air conditioner turns on, the air handler draws warm air from your home into the unit for cooling. The condenser unit, located outside your home, pumps refrigerant in the form of a high-pressure and high-temperature gas into the air handler housing. The expansion valve inside converts the refrigerant into a low-pressure, low-temperature gas and pumps it into the evaporator coils.

The warm air circulates over the evaporator coils, where the heat is pulled into the refrigerant, and the cooled air passes through the air handler and into your home’s duct system. The unit then pumps the refrigerant back into the condenser unit to be used again.   

Components of an AC Air Handler

Air handlers consist of several parts, including the air filter, blower fan, evaporator coil, and other electrical components required to keep the air in your home cool and comfortable.


The driving force behind your air handler is the blower or fan. The blower moves air at high speed through the ducts, circulating the cool air throughout your home. Blowers come in several models, including:

Evaporator Coil

This component of your air conditioning system removes heat and humidity from the air as it passes over the coil. The cooled air then passes through the ductwork and into your home. 

Air Filter

Located between the intake vent and the blower, the air filter helps keep airborne particulates from entering your home. Air passes through the filter before entering your ductwork so that dust, dirt, and other debris stay out of your vents while also protecting the blower and improving the air quality in your home. 

Plenum Connectors

Plenum connectors connect your air handler to the ductwork in your home via air collection boxes. Your air conditioning system has two plenums: The supply plenum takes the cool air from the air handler and distributes it through your home, while the return plenum takes the used air and returns it to the system to be filtered and cooled again.  

Cool By Design | Oakland Park’s Air Conditioner Experts

If you’re still confused and asking yourself, “What is an AC air handler?” it’s time to call the professionals at Cool By Design. Our years of experience in the HVAC industry led us to create a heating and air conditioning company dedicated to delivering unmatched customer service. We focus on providing innovative solutions and superior quality workmanship, all with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction.   

To schedule air handler installation, repair, or maintenance, call Cool By Design today at 954-900-1098. Learn more about how to save money on heating and cooling your home, and let us help keep you comfortable all summer long.

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