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Will the AC Fan Run If the Compressor Is Bad?

will ac fan run if compressor is bad

If you wonder, “Will the AC fan run if the air compressor is bad?” The answer is complex. Sometimes, the AC fan will continue to run. Other times, if the compressor has failed, cool air will not flow through the AC fan. 

Air conditioners require a working compressor, so if your air conditioner runs with a faulty compressor, it likely won’t function as efficiently as it should, leading to increased utility bills, poor cooling, and more wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Instead of running your AC with HVAC compressor issues, trust technicians for expert AC repair in Cooper City. In the meantime, continue reading to explore whether your compressor is bad, what signs to watch out for, and how to get the best care for your AC system.

What Is an AC Compressor?

The AC compressor forms part of the air conditioning system. Its main role involves compressing the refrigerant to increase pressure and remove the heat from the air. Then, this cool air blows through the fan, pushing it through the vents in your home.

Common HVAC Compressor Issues

Many things can go wrong with an air conditioner compressor. Some of the most common HVAC compressor issues homeowners encounter include overheating, clogs, electrical issues, and refrigerant levels.

Overheating ranks as one of the first issues HVAC compressors experience. Sometimes, the compressor overheats due to lack of ventilation, too high voltage, and poor insulation. Clogs or blockages are another issue compressors may experience. These blockages in the compressor’s suction can occur when the compressor line has holes that increase suction and can lead to blockages.

In addition to these common problems, HVAC compressors may experience issues with electrical wiring. Damaged wires to the compressor may lead to it not working at all. A final problem that happens with compressors stems from the wrong level of refrigerant. 

These common culprits can cause compressors to fail or work improperly, which puts extra strain on your AC unit.

Compressor Failure Symptoms To Watch Out For

As with many mechanical items in a home, HVAC units have tell-tale signs indicating they may fail or malfunction. Some of the most common signs of a bad AC compressor include things like:

Strange Noises

Sometimes, strange noises come from the HVAC unit, like clicking, rattling, chattering, and rumbling. These noises may indicate that your unit times in and out or that the compressor motor may be malfunctioning. 

Lack of Airflow

If you suddenly notice that your air conditioner doesn’t create adequate airflow, then your AC unit and compressor may need attention from professionals. For example, the air from your vents may be weak due to a faulty compressor or clogged vents.

Warm Air

Another sign your AC compressor and HVAC unit may require attention is warm air coming from your ventilation system. If warm air spreads throughout your home when your AC runs, it could indicate that something in your air conditioning unit has failed to appropriately cool down the air.

Blown Fuse

If you notice when you use your AC that your circuit box trips a fuse, this could be due to some sort of wiring issue. It could also point to something wrong with your AC compressor or faulty wiring.

When your AC has too much power, it can cause the entire system to shut down and trip. If this occurs, you need to rely on HVAC experts to provide expert repairs so the unit can once again run safely and correctly. 

Optimal AC Fan Operation

When your air conditioner unit operates effectively, the compressor cools down the air before the fan inside the unit pushes the air throughout your home. This way, the air can flow into your home through a ventilation system.

For optimal air conditioning operation, it’s important to schedule maintenance checkups to ensure your system works efficiently to cool off your home. 

Trust Experts for Professional Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

If you notice any of the previously mentioned signs, including something like the air conditioner smells bad when turned on, it’s time to call in expert servicing from HVAC professionals. Cool By Design Air Conditioning Experts are here to provide air conditioning troubleshooting services, compressor repairs, or new installations. 

When you experience a cooling system malfunction, trust the pros. They can answer whether the AC fan runs, if the compressor is bad, if the AC fan and compressor relationship still works, and how to best maintain your unit.

Call Cool By Design Air Conditioning Experts at (954) 710-5719 to get your AC questions answered today!

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