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Zonal Pressure Testing in Plantation, FL

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Houses have envelopes that control what comes in and goes out, air included. The air tightness of your home matters for comfort and energy efficiency. Cool By Design offers zonal pressure testing in Plantation, FL. We can ensure your house’s ventilation and AC air filtration system are up to industry and modern design standards. 

What Is Zonal Pressure Testing?

Zonal pressure testing (ZPT) isolates the house’s different HVAC zones to determine whether any have leakages to the outside. The main point of ZPT is to identify ventilation system leaks to improve HVAC efficiency and minimize heating loss. We can use ZPT to judge the air tightness of the various rooms of your home, including living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, attics, and crawl spaces. 

ZPT also ensures your HVAC is moving enough air in and out of your home. By measuring pressure changes between different interior zones, HVAC technicians can calculate how often the air volume in your home completely changes per hour. Air changes per hour (ACH) are important because they measure total ventilation. 

Most homes shoot for a target of three ACH, while facilities like hospitals need higher than six ACH. Zonal pressure testing for your HVAC helps ensure your home is getting adequate ventilation for maximum comfort and sanitation. Knowing the ACH levels in your home is especially crucial if you or any family members have allergies or respiratory issues.

How Does Zonal Pressure Testing Work?

The most common zonal pressure testing procedure uses a blower door to test individual rooms and zones. A blower door is a special machine that seals into an existing door frame. It contains a fan and manometer for detecting pressure gradients between rooms.

The technicians open all interior doors and close all exterior windows and doors. Typical testing has the blower door at -50 Pascals. By setting the total pressure in the house at -50 Pascals, the technicians can measure pressure differences between rooms to identify which room is leaking a larger air volume. 

For instance, if a room has a significant air leak to the outside, it will exhibit a lower pressure than the surrounding rooms when the blower door is installed and active. The higher the difference, the greater the chances of a leaking ventilation system.

ZPT allows technicians to measure how much a specific attached structure contributes to the total air loss of a building. By isolating different zones, we can narrow down which regions are least efficient and take steps to address leaks. 

It is important to note that ZPT doesn’t tell you exactly how much air is leaking out of your room. Rather, it measures the relative ratios of air leakage between one zone and another, typically a transitional zone. In other words, a high ZPT reading doesn’t necessarily tell you how “leaky” a specific zone is. 

Why Perform Zonal Pressure Testing?

Homeowners should consider scheduling zonal pressure testing in Plantation, FL, for several reasons. 

Find Leaks

One of the main benefits of ZPT is identifying and locating leaks. Air leaks in your home’s envelope can cause drafts, reducing comfort and leading to inconsistent temperature control. Leaks in home envelopes are common in corners and installed fixtures, like lighting, circuit boxes, windows, and fireplaces. Although ZPT can’t identify specific leaks, it can help narrow down problem areas in the envelope. 

Reduce Energy Loss

ZPT can also help reduce energy loss and lower monthly HVAC bills. Air leaks in your home envelope are responsible for up to 40% of lost energy. Patching these leaks can reduce annual energy consumption by 10% or more. ZPT identifies problem areas in your home’s envelope so you can replace insulation and seal any holes. 

Maintain Better Air Quality

House air tightness also determines ACH, which is relevant for air quality considerations. Homes with very low ventilation run the risk of accumulating bacteria and other pathogens in the air, which can increase the risk of contracting sickness. ZPT helps you pinpoint the ideal airflow in your house to get the right ventilation levels.

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Zonal Pressure Testing in Plantation, FL