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AC Compressor Replacement Cooper City

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Few components play a more vital role in your air conditioner than its compressor. It helps chill warm and humid air within your AC system, allowing you to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot days of summer. If your AC compressor breaks down, your residence will resemble a sauna more than a home.

Fortunately, the air conditioning experts at Cool by Design offer professional AC compressor replacement that will have your heating and cooling system functioning better than ever.

Cool by Design is one of Cooper City, FL’s leading heating and cooling companies. Our team has extensive experience installing, repairing, and maintaining all the leading air conditioning systems, qualifying us for any AC project you throw our way.

AC Compressor Replacement Cost

The average cost to replace an AC compressor ranges from $600 to $1,200 under warranty and $1,300 to $2,500 without a warranty. Although these rates might seem high, they pale compared to a complete system replacement ($3,300–$6,000).

At Cool by Design, we keep our prices low, so you receive premium AC compressor replacement without the premium rates. We use industry-leading materials and techniques to ensure your unit operates optimally year-round regardless of the outdoor temperature. Our team can breathe new life into your air conditioning system while providing outstanding customer service every step of the way.

Signs of a Bad AC Compressor

Spotting a faulty or failing AC compressor isn’t always easy. However, most units start to exhibit warning signs when their compressors begin to fail and stop working efficiently. Below we present some common indications of a bad AC compressor.

Rattling Noises

Although it’s normal for your air conditioner to make slight noises while operating, rattling and ticking sounds often indicate a compressor or electrical relay switch issue.

Your unit’s electrical relay switch turns the compressor on and off. When the relay switch deteriorates, it struggles to activate the compressor, resulting in unpleasant rattling noises that often worsen over time. If you notice any strange or unusual rattling sounds coming from your AC system, contact Cool by Design for swift and efficient replacement services.

Limited Airflow

AC compressors generate chilled air that flows into your home. However, when the compressors start breaking down, they can’t cool the air efficiently, leaving you with warm and uncomfortable indoor air.

If you notice a sudden drop in internal airflow, check your home’s ventilation system for clogs and blockages. If you unclog your vents and the issue persists, contact a professional for immediate service.


Failing compressors often cause refrigerant leaks around your air conditioning system that could put you and your family’s health at risk. If you don’t address the issue swiftly, the situation will worsen and cause other severe and costly repairs within your unit. You must call a heating and cooling specialist as soon as you notice your system leaking fluid.

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Cool by Design is Cooper City, FL’s number one choice for AC compressor replacement and associated services. We’ve helped thousands of Cooper City residents enhance their heating and cooling systems, and we can do the same for you for a fair and affordable price.

Whether you need a complete system overhaul or just want to know why your AC compressor is not turning on, the Cool by Design team is here for you.

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